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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing: Slow and Going- The Never Too Many White Shirts Project: 2.3 Designing The Perfect Shirt

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 The Simple Romantic singing a traditional American spiritual  (illustrated)

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Opened up my new issue of “Threads” yesterday and found that I’m not the first person to decided to incorporate ideas from the “Slow” movement into my sewing plans. Improving my skills and other ideas, gee I thought I’d so been so clever to come up with that idea myself, when I posted about this a few days ago. The article’s got my skills-improvement idea and a whole lot more.

I’m adding these two tutorials from this months “Threads” to the “Great White” journal of shirt sewing plans, I’m starting.

1) A piggyback pocket would not only be fun, I could use two different fabrics for the two pockets. Maybe lace for the top one, or silk.
2) For a future white shirt, these celtic knots would make cool cuffs. One of the magazine articles has cuffs made from this. A little piece as decoration on the front, or on the pocket, collar or lapel might be nice too. 
* This entry represents one sewers progress

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