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Saturday, September 26, 2015

California Asters In Bloom - Hiking Windy Hill

California Asters - Aster chilensis
Hey, Purple Asters!
Autumn pollen can be found
Though Windy Hill dry.

Blue-Sky Sewing - Rose Embellished End of Summer Frock

Since I got my sloper done, I look at other woman's frocks with a new eye. I ran into Rebecca, on a toasty day while we were waiting for our devices to get fixed at the apple store, and she was kind enough to let me photo her in this great rose-embellished, gingham summer dress.

Looks like maybe six tiers in that nice big rose. It starts above the natural waistline, and extends below the full hip.

This great gingham cotton frock also has bust darts.

I would try to recreate something like this by simply eliminating the front torso fisheye darts in my sloper, and maybe also grading the pattern out from beneath the bust darts?

Following a Unicorn to The Cloisters (NYC - Field Trip)

I came hunting unicorns. 

Long ago, in a job far, far away, I'd heard unicorns resided somewhere here in Manhattan. But that was twenty years ago, in a life that sometimes seems like it was lived by another woman.

Had I not known that the ancient Unicorn Tapestries were here, somewhere, in the most populous of modern cities, I never would have sought out The Cloisters

And I would have missed a time travel adventure.

Secret enclosed pocket gardens filled with aromatic, medicinal, and lovely flowers compliment centuries old architecture.

Hidden chambers flow unexpectedly from a corner you didn't see when you entered the room, and have to look sharp to find.

Mystic arts ensure that ancient beings live on.