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Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Trouble Doesn't Come Cuter!

The raccoon tribe have been slipping through the pet door flap again lately. Heard that the kits (baby raccoons) are likely growing up and becoming more demanding of their Ma. So perhaps that's why Mama has been chancing it coming to visit us early, before we block the door for the night. 

Western Winds Hanky (Green Sewing)

Scraps make some of my most useful sewing creations. Last time I posted bout my Western Winds princess-seamed sleeveless shirt. That shirt has been seeing a lot of use, perfect for our early fall warm temps. In the spirit of using up those scraps a.s.a.p.  (and what could be more green?) I appliquéd a few other sraps to the remaining remnant of shirt fabric, hemmed the whole with a decorative stitch, and - presto change-o I had a useful new bandana. My kerchief has been seeing a lot of use as well. Very handy for moping my glistening brow when I'm walking or hiking.  Also useful when there are no paper towels after washing my hands away from home!