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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Postcard from Disneyland

It's about 
Flower patches
Baskets of flowers
Happy, yelling children 
Moments with my daughter
Flying elephants
Elephants bathing in a river
Flying pirate ships
Talking birds
Singing birds
Dancing dolls
 Singing dolls
Mark Twain Steamboat
Well behaved, fun loving pirates
Singing ghosts
Buying souvenir socks with Mickey's face
Aladdin and Jasmine flying overhead in the Hyperion Theatre
Soaring over CA
Swimming in the Candy Cane Inn pool
Checking out the current crop of flower baskets at Candy Cane Inn

Disneyland is my home town.

Terminado! My CA Summer Skies Seersucker Shirt

You know the joys of completing another project, don't you?
Love my new blue and white checked seersucker shirt. It's just made for summer. Well in fact it is! That's what I made it for :-)
And it's perfect with that new denim, elastic waist skirt I finished a few weeks back and have been wearing all the time. No, I don't think of myself as a skirt person but this garment has changed my mind. It's both comfortable and flattering. Nothing beats being able to design for my own figure.

I drafted the skirt myself but the shirt is an altered version of B5526, that infamous pattern I've made four times now and talk about all the time in my podcast. Yup, it's the one my buddy Susan originally altered. It started out life as my No. 1 Ladys' Detective Agency shirt. It's so great having a pattern that fits well, and lets me move on creatively from there.

Alterations on B5526 this time, in addition to Susan's original alterations to fit me

- No collar band. Oh I like that!
- Cut ends of my 3/4 length sleeves straight. Then rolled them up and hand sewed them into a permanent just-above-the-elbow roll. I'm the kind of person who always rolls up a sleeve, so why not make it permanent?
- Added pockets on either side. I varied the original pocket on the pattern, taking out the tuck. Lined the inside of the pockets with silk organza. I also used silk organza for the interfacing on the front facing (not included on the pattern), and the collar.
-Less topstitching this time because of the seersucker. I just did one row on all the edges - the hem, collar, and front facing. On crisper fabrics I do 2 or 3 for more of an edge. One row on the seersucker gave it enough definition. I continued to use commercial bias tape on the inside hem, to define the hem edge. Gee that works great.

I'll be talking more about sewing this shirt in my June Enchanted by Sewing podcast.

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