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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Western Style Horses Define America (Field Trips)

I still remember moving west as a young girl. We had been living in an extremely urban part of Ohio. The midwest that I remember  was towns, trucks, crowded streets, smoke stacks, row after row of towering buildings, and cramped houses. 

And then we came to the farm and ranch lands of the west and I saw herd after herd of horses.  I knew I had arrived. 

This is my kind of America.

Clean As A Whistle Bobbin Zone (Sewing Machine Maintenance)

Cleaning out the lint
Puts less pressure on the works
Keeps it all going!

I absolutely wore out the engine on the first machine I bought - a Viking the salesman swore would last me a lifetime. If I took good care of it! After about twenty years it's motor was shot, even though I got it serviced regularly. The gentleman I took it to for it's final maintenance told me that motor had given up the ghost, because I let the lint build up around the bobbin case too many times. 

You can bet that these days  I'm very virtuous about cleaning out the lint. I clean it at least every time I change projects, when I also change the needle. And if I'm using a fabric that makes a lot of lint - like denim or fleece- I clean it out several times. It's reminds me of flossing my teeth, if I want my gums to hold up for the long haul, I need to get those little bits and pieces out.

Knowing how to care for my machine, and helping it to a long life, is just part of being....
Enchanted by Sewing