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Saturday, September 12, 2015

New York Garment District Trims- Pearled Denim Cap

I was in New York for three weeks helping my daughter find, move and settle into her new apartment. The Upper East Side of Manhattan, where Rosalinda will be living while going to graduate school, is well situated for forays to the NYC garment district. You can bet I'll be looking for excuses to visit!

I focused mostly on visiting trim shops in this famed area. Trims are small and light to carry back. They're also something I could make use of while traveling. This pearled denim* cap - I bought the pearly beads and lace trim in the garment district- is one of two cap projects I purchased trims for in the garment district, and worked on during my trip. I was able to quickly cut it out and do some fast machine stitching before I left town, then did the embellishment and a little hand sewing to finish it off while I was there. I completed it early on, so I was able to make good use of it's sun protecting character during my visit to the Big Apple.

I'm considering adding another line or two of pearls....

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* The denim was a remnant from the Summer Essentials shorts I blogged about last month

Hats Off to Public Transit (NYC - Field Trip)

While Rosalinda is involved with her new graduate studies, I've taken in a fewwww New York City sights. Headed through downtown Manhattan, on the R train, and bound for the free Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty, I spotted some lovely art work at the 23'rd street station
If you follow my sewing blog, and/or listen to my sewing podcast, you know I love hats. So on the way back, I hopped off to check out these subway tile beauties.