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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Applique inspiration - Summer at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Blue Sky Sewing)

Nothing says summer like a ride at the historical Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
What makes me want to create an applique inspired by this design from the Santa Cruz Beach Bordwalk?
-  Orange says summer like no other color
-  Charm of the school's-out scene, that little girl is so obviously happy
-  Seahorse Beach motif also speaks to summer

Where might I applique a design like this?

- Beach or Shopping Bag
- Back of a bathrobe
- Pillow Cover

Where would you put an appliqué inspired by summer at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk?

~ ~ ~

California Summer at the Beachside Boardwalk in Santa Cruz( SF Bay Area Field Trip)

Back around the turn of the 20'th century, amusement parks were a big summertime draw for regular folks - middle class and the lower middle class. With the railroad making close by day trips doable - people took weekend trains out to the edges of urban areas to ride fast rides, eat funnel cakes, compete for cheap prizes and enjoy a little fresh air at a plethora of public amusement parks.

The railroads, having acquired massive tracts of territory
through power private and public land grabs, often owned these temporary fun towns. The trips increased train ridership, 
even though the actual take at the gate didn't provide much in the way of profit for these major corporations.

A Trip to the Boardwalk inspires thoughts of Appliqué
The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was a part of a chain of seaside parks along the West Coast of the United States. Built in 1907, it is the oldest such park to surviveand, though no longer accessible by train, it  still makes for a wonderful weekend field trip from the San Francisco Bay Area.