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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ench By Sew-019 Boning Up on Bustiers: Part 2

I'm looking forward to airing a photo
of my actual denim bustier here!
Though I've enjoyed wearing it in public,
I haven't
gotten any cute photographs yet.
Bet you know how that is...
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A bustier is an alluring garment, one many women would like to wear - if they dare. When I began to notice that women of all shapes, sizes and ages sewed and wore their bustiers with pleasure and pride, I decided to take a chance and learn to sew this very structured garment, that can be designed to flatter a wide variety of figure types.

- In last month show, I talked about what a buster is - a strapless garment that conforms to our figure, is  supported from the waistline , and can be worn by women of many figure types. 
- I also said that a bustier is not a corset, because a corset imposes a shape on our figure.  You can follow links in last months’ show notes to other related garments like corsolette, torsolette or basque.   
-       Last month I talked about Cut and Cloth
-       This month I focus on Construction

- FIRST  Pensamientos Primero A brief review of what I talked about last month to put this show into perspective,
- ENTONCES (THEN)  Constructing my Bustier. 
- Stepping through the process of creating my bustier from beginning to end, touching on   important techniques and other sewing stuff that I figured out along the way .
- FINALLY Pensimentos Finales:  Going Beyond this project 
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Web Resources

Part 1: Boning Up on Bustiers

The Bustier Sewing Class I talked about is from Lynda Maynard, an instructor at Cañada College, San Francisco City College and also an instructor at Craftsy.

Lynda Maynard's “Fit” Class on Craftsy, which I plan to take.

Bustier Technicos - Dem Bones Gonna Walk Around
Sewing Boning Channels and Inserting the Bones

Seams to Fit Part 1 - A Little Less Laxity - Learning Precision

Seams to Fit Part 2 - 
Figuring out how to eliminate using a tracing wheel, has me making a stronger mark that is also less likely to damage my pattern or fabric.

Seams to Fit Part 3: More Power to Interlining- Using  stitching marks on my interlining pieces to define the stitching lines on the fashion fabric it's backing. 

Seams to Fit Part4: - Neat as a Pin - Using pin techniques to join sections of my bustier precisely.

Seams to Fit Part5:  - Staying - When a Seam Knows it's Place 

I did a lot of hand sewing towards the end of this project. Beeswax is my thread texturizer of choice, and it's a Green option too!