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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sewing: A Roving Eye OR Taking Note at the de Young Museum

Oh -Yeahhhhh.... Listen In on 

 The Simple Romantic singing a traditional American spiritual  (illustrated)

My Pick-of-the-Month  is Better than a Starbucks Pick-of-the-Week, cuz I brew it myself

What a fine time I had taking Friday off and going up to the deYoung Museum, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. I went to see the remainder of the Impressionist Exhibit - on special loan from the Paris Musee D'Orsay , while they do a little rehab. Also I saw the special fabric exhibit "To Dye For" (closes this weekend). 

Yes, beautiful colors and lines. All those neat-o shapes. Form, form, form!

Ohhhh, were you talking about the EXHIBIT?

I was taking note of other woman's cool clothes, in the NOTES app on my ipod. 
Too BAD you can't take photos in the museum....

My Research 
Observed at the deYoung:

* A grey and white wool, tweed'y hooded coat (I'd go for a jacket), lined in RED,  Front yoke with 3 small pleats/tucks on either side 

* A silky bomber jacket in copper/yellow/red/orange print. Zip front and rounded lapels that don't dip, curve smoothly back to zipper.  Asked her about it.... Cost Plus from the 80's. Those L-shaped pockets we used to have then - big and roomy covering the width of the base of the front of jacket with the long leg of the L, in front, your hand slips down inside easily and roomily. She could fit in her wallet and a small notebook.

* Orangish/red short, boxy plaid jacket, Wool, Lapels not the same, rounded, somewhat dropped neck, yoke in back

*Open black cardigan over a very pale tan silky shell top. Top has black trim design going partway down neckline and down front of shirt

Upcoming Textile Related Exhibits
- Pulp Fashion February - June at the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco
- Balenciaga and Spain - Mar - July at the de Young

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