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Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 Reasons to Unplug that Car and Get Out My Bike Helmet (green)

In honor of my father, Sam, who taught me to ride a bike whenever possible.

1) Some hackers have found the ultimate in meanness. They're doing all they can to further mess up commuters as folks great ready to move off home on four wheels. I've been in enough traffic jams that were simply caused by the end product of overpopulation. I don't want to deal with this too. On my bike I can zig zag right on by.  Traffic Congestion Just Got Worse -

2) I know that a lot of folks think the idea of robot cars is sexy, but... I want to be out of the way when....Google's Self Driving Cars Hit the City

3) I'd rather turbo boost my bike than my car. And hey this includes blue tooth!

4) If I can ride safer, I'm more likely to pedal, versus turning that ignition key. High Tech Bike with sensors that detect cars in your blind spot

5) The Bamgoo Bicycle is much cooler than any car

6) Because crowded roadways can force drivers to jump through too many hoops

7) Because in cities like London, driving is discouraged and bikers get benefits. How to Cycle in London

8) Because big city driving isn't only a hassle, it can cost you extra just to be on the road

9) Because I get a little exercise when I bike my errands.

10) Because when I'm on my bike,  I can stop quickly and easily, chat with a neighbor, pet a friendly dog, not fret about finding parking, and easily help a visitor out with directions.

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May is National Bike Month - According to the American Bike League,  half of American workers live within 5 miles of work. That doesn't mean it's safe or practical for all of that group to bike to work, but certainly a goodly crop of folks can give it a try.

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