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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hiking Contra Costa - Mount Diablo In The Clouds

Mount Diablo in the Clouds
A Contra Costa hike was the perfect way to meetup and visit with new acquaintance, Lynn. We trekked first up a few steep hills above the lovely village of Danville, then along past playwright Eugene O'Neill's old place, and ended up walking back on a portion of the Iron Horse Trail, a Rails to Trails project that runs forty miles through nine towns and two counties. Along the way I got to pet a number of happy dogs and visit with their human companions. 

What better way to introduce ourselves to each other?

Next time we get together in Contra Costa County, I hope we'll have time to hike Mount Diablo State Park.

Parlez Vous Wearing Ease - Moulage to Sloper and Back Again


Moulage (Blue Dots) To Sloper (Purple Lines)
And Back Again

Drop 1/8”
-> shoulder ¼”
Raise 1/8” + -> ¼”
Out ½”
Out 5/8”
Out 3/8 – ½”
Out ½”
Drop 1/2”
-> shoulder ¼”
Raise 1/8” + -> ¼”
Out 3/8”
Out 5/8”
Out 3/8 – ½”
Out ½”

I used my moulage pattern (blue dots) I created from Lynda Maynard's French Pattern Drafting class to draft my Damson Plumm Private Eye tee shirt. I used my sloper pattern (purple lines) to create the straight skirt pattern I'm using for a denim skirt I'm currently sewing.

1 (CF/CB)     
 2 (shoulder point –neck)       
3 (shoulder point – armhole side)       
 4 (midway armhole curve)       
5 (end of armhole below arm)     
 6 (armhole point to waist)    
7 (waist to full hip)