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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge (Field Trip)

Walked across the span
Fort Point to Marin, then back
~ ~ ~ 
When might my next walk lead to? 

Nothing beats finding time travel portals so close to my own home. . . 
How many folks have started out on the Fort Point end of this golden span,  to travel back to the Panama Pacific Exposition, Civil War or Gold Rush? Not to mention Ohlone times, before the first European foot pressed down on local sands.

Earlier this week we lucked out and managed to find parking at Fort Point, then walked up stairs to cross the bridge. The cold dry air, chock full of ozone, elated us! The bridge loop is about 3.6 miles. Add in the short walk to and up the stairs made the total expedition about 5 miles. A perfect cool, winter's day field trip.

Another way to get parking is head over from the Presidio, another favorite field trip of mine. It's a longer trip, but parking is more available.
~ ~ ~ 
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