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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sewing- In No Kind of Hurry- The Never Too Many White Shirts Project: 2.1 Designing The Perfect Shirt

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Entry 2.1: DESIGNING the Perfect Shirt

Despite the challenges of the season I managed to get my
golden mustard fleece vest with it's Phoenix birds French trim and it's mustardy comrade teeshirt done. Hooray!

I've even made serious inroads on the seond fleece vest I cut out last year during our short California cold season, an irritating little fuzzy white creatures whose long hairs hide pins and get caught in the zipper. I'm working on getting Sir Fuzzy done in very short sewing increments, before my next semesters classes begin in mid January. A little extra inspiration comes from having seen a woman wearing a white regular-type-fleece vest or a dark, long-sleeved teeshirt when I was traipsing around San Francisco with my daughter last week. Hummmm I have a cranberry colored turtleneck and a long sleeved black tee shirt. Won't the contrast look nice under the fuzzy white vest once it's done?

Does anybody else make notes about other people's color choices on their ipod Notes app when they walk around a big city? I particularly like looking back at these later to find that the app changed all my spelling to words it knew, but they aren't the words I meant. So the note now reads, "Really good choice of exfoliant with pump".

My vision of that perfect first white shirt is beginning to blossom. This is a wonderful chance to really take my time and focus on designing and improving some sewing skills while also taking my time getting the first one done.

Two podcasts inspired me to slow down and smell the steam iron as I begin this project. The first was Lori's Sew Forth Now podcast interview with Barbara, of Sewing on the Edge. Barbara is the creator of the Never Too Many White Shirts Project. The talk between Lori and Barbara brought home to me that it might just be ok to really take my time to think things through and practice on this project, no matter what else is going on in my life.

My second source of inspiration was a recent podcast from one of my other favorite shows, To the Best of Our Knowledge from PRI (Wisconsin Public Radio). A recent episode, "Change Over Time" included an interview with Slow Movement promoter, Carl Honore. Listening to this reinforced my plan to take a thoughtful approach to this project.

I regularly sew things in a hurry. This time I'm going to just take my time and think it through. Here is the first of the design pages I've begun.

* This entry represents one sewers progress

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