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Friday, September 2, 2011

Sewing Chronicles of Lady Lizbeth Secret Diary of a Time Traveling Maid - Meet That Rascal William Sainsbury

 Oh William Sainsbury, you rascal you!

It's all Sweet Will's fault that Liz ended up temporarily trapped in Tudor times.

He seemed so cute when she'd first met him back at the local Elizabethan Springe Flinge. And then, when he suggested a meet-up on her trip to London, well.... after all they'd been Facebook friends for over a year. It wasn't like she didn't know anything about him.


Will had plans for Liz, and they didn't just involve a quick kiss at the pub door. You see, Will's got needs - no not THOSE kinds of needs. His involved getting back home, and the pathway home just isn't as easy to follow as you might think. He needed a little help. And Liz was just the kind of help he needed.

So now Liz has got her needle buried in more blackwork embroidery than she ever dreamed about. 

And she's blogging the old-fashioned way.

(Co-Published with A Stitche In Time)

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