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Monday, August 29, 2011

Just One More Cnidarian, Pulsing On Through To the Cambrian

Some of us just know where we come from. 

This Cnidarian, whom you may have been introduced to as a  "jellyfish", is just pulsing her way on back through time towards one great fandango with her ancestors in the Cambrian Explosion, the fantastic era that was.
     Did you miss your evite to that hot past-times party? It's not too late to locate your own time portal and swim on back yourself. For a little pre-travel cultural encounter planning, check out Plain, Simple, Primitive? Not the Jellyfish.

And if traveling back 540 million years leaves you a little giddy, just drop by Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Oh and click on the illustration above to get a little more up close and personal.

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