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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part 1: Sewing Chronicles of Lady Lizbeth, Secret Diary of a Time Traveling Maid: The Bloggers apologia

The Sewing Chronicles of Lady Lizbeth
Secret Diary of a Time Traveling Maid
Part 1: The Bloggers Apologia

Though clever with your needle ye may be,
Keep always humble in regards to your skills
And the service thou do’est for mankind.
For tis not admired in maid or matron 
to place herself above others...
Unless she be well favored by fortune or birth

Pithy Sayings of Lady Margaret Hoby

May 14,  2011/1581

In historically interesting times, authors often started off their books with a long epistle concerning how EXTREMELY unable they were to engage on such a project as the book, that their reader has just picked up. This requisite apologia, an apology for daring to consider themselves worthy of such a project, might go on for paragrqphs or even pages!  It probably also served as a ready defense for any scholars who came along and disagreed with them. The author has already publicly stated,  I TOLD you I didn't know what I was talking about!

In this same way the modern day blogger prepares her defense against irregular digital production. My online vindication goes something like this.

I certainly MEANT to keep up my regular blog postings as soon as I got here to London. But I'm sure you'll all forgive me when you hear what's gone on since I arrived....

As those of you who faithfully read this blog, and listen to it's companion podcast, “Unpolished Performances” already know, I'm taking a few months off between leaving my last job (Miss you folks. Let's do lunch, I mean it!) and starting my new contract in the fall. I was last in London five years ago, and wanted to see how things have changed. Also my facebook friend Gwen, was  looking for someone she could sublet her London  flat to, for the summer (though don’t mention it to her landlord will you? I'm not sure the deal is strictly legit.)

What a great chance to get some sewing in! You might have noticed that this blog has been a little less than fashion-forward since January, but I mean to make up for that over the next four months. Gwen told me to make myself free with her machine and I fully intend to, just as soon as I stock up on a few metres of fabric from Liberty and visit that cool sewing store, Stitch and Beads , in Portabello Market. I’m hoping the market will turn up some delicious retro fabric to go with the beads, and maybe a vintage pin. Won’t I just have a wonderful bag when I’m done? And, I’ve already made a muslin of a breezy, shirred Burda magazine blouse pattern. It’s crying out for a mixture of Tanna Lawn from Liberty, maybe that gorgeous William Morris “Strawberry” print for one.

I was already writing blog entries in my head about my trials and tribulations when it came to fitting and finding the right buttons. And it’s always fun to share what the gals are wearing who walk by on the street below the flat window (Color and lots of it, mustard and turquoise, and yes those same ruffles we’re seeing on the shirts and tops back home. I saw a lot of zouave pants too.)

But it was that trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum that really put regular blogging on the back burner.

* * *
To Be Continued

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