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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Romancing England: Reflections on Kensington Gardens

Please click on the illustration above to enjoy the full reflection

My guess is that this heron is contemplating a spot of time travel back to the nineteenth or eighteenth century. Perhaps she's reflecting that Lady Fiona Garden,  one of  Queen Caroline's* ladies, is always a good mark when it comes to feeding the wildfowl. Of course there's always danger for a bird of her ilk, the court being rather fond of heron-in-a-pasty. Then again a little danger adds some spice to the trip.

In three out of our four trips to England we've visited Kensington Gardens along with as many of the other big parks as we can. As exciting as London's mega-cityness is, we start to suffer from nature-deficit disorder if we don't hit some green every day or so. 

When we look for a flat to rent for the week, we look at the different neighborhoods on the map and try for one that's within walking distance of one or more big green areas. I was glad I'd learned this travel-planning skill visiting London, when I went to Madrid last summer (please click on Pensamientos Finales for thoughts on that visit).

*You remember Q.Caroline, she was George II's wife 

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