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Friday, May 6, 2011

Listen In on ..The Lost Gold of Chuckwalla County, an Unpolished Performance free in the iTunes Store

A Dime Novel Begins: Prelude and Chapter 1 

This is the beginning of a low-brow dime novel, that the folks in my adventure-romance novel, FOOLS GOLD, are reading. And they're picking up clues to help them out with some of their own problems.

* * * 
The May radio-style podcast episode of "Unpolished Performances" is an excerpt from an historically-styled  dime novel, “Amanda Apple and The Lost Gold of Chuckwalla County”. Download this audio show directly from the iTunes store with this link (or search the iTunes store with the term 'unpolished performances') 
You can also listen to the streaming version of the show  on the web at 

* * *

As many of my readers and listeners probably know, dime novels were popular middle class entertainment in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. They became available not long after the Civil War, as public education increased in the U.S., and the country was suddenly full of readers. At the time publishing technology was also improving, and equipment could be more easily transported by rail.  Serial stories in newspapers and magazines, which continued to be published during the height of the dime novel craze as well, are said to have inspired dime novels. Dime novels, and their cousins Penny Dreadfuls,  are often viewed as the predecessors to inexpensive, modern paperback novels.

I’m writing this serial, to assist the inhabitants of an adventure-romance novel I’m working on, called Fools Gold. Back in 1893, Amanda Apple and The Lost Gold of Chuckwalla County, is proving to be a popular read in the town of Measley Nevada, where much of Fools Gold takes place. The dime novel is also providing some of the residents of Measley, with helpful clues when it comes to the recovery of their own purloined treasure.
 * * * 
I'd like to hear your comments about The Lost Gold of Chuckwalla County. You can post them below.

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