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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sewing: It's Only Fit

It is only fit, my sister, that you turn to your needle, a steadfast occupation such as this will never cause others to doubt your worth.

  from "Lady Lizbeth's Sewin' Chronicles

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Sewing: It's Only Fit

So much blue-skying about the Never Too Many White Shirt Project. Hey, I finally got down to brass ( or is that tailor's?) tacks! It's only fit that I start with fit. 

A great chance to learn to work with one of the Burda Style Patterns. For a study break yesterday, I began figuring out how to trace from one of the magazine pattern sheets. In the past, I've been too intimidated by the hazy, crisscrossed, maze of lines on the Burda sheets, but I'm getting there. I taped together three sheets of waxed paper. A sharpie seems to work better than a thin tipped marker. I got the whole back and the significant part of a sleeve cut out. I love waxed paper.

Decided to start my shirt project with a blouse (I remember that the Sew Forth Now podcast where Lori interviewed Barbara, Barbara said - "Your shirt might be a blouse". Well my first one will be). This is a collarless, rounded-v neck blouse (I think it's Burda Style 412 and I think it's a fall 2010 Burda Style magazine) with, some asymmetric ruffles, and an elbow length sleeve that pleases, though I'll be fooling with how I want that sleeve end to be. 

This go 'round, I'm mostly going to concentrate on getting the torso to fit in a way I like. I took measurements in cm. A little unsure about where I bravely cut the pattern back and where I didn't. Well - that's the point of the muslin. Next time I'll focus on outlining the front - need to tape up more waxed paper - then onto finding the scrappiest muslin or ancient destined-for-the-rag bag material to try out the basic fit. 


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