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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

California Once Upon a Time: Purple Needlegrass

It's not only people we want to travel back in time to hang out with. I'm planning a little time travel jaunt, back to the days when bunch grasses like this grew all over California......

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Once upon a time the California bunch grasses, like this purple needle grass, flourished along with masses of spring wildflowers. With the invasion of Europeans and European grasses in the mid-eighteenth century most of our grasses and wildflower meadows began to look like some other continent.

This purple needle grass continues to grow in Edgewood Preserve, because it grows on serpentine soil (1% of California has serpentine soil, 10% of the entire planet) and also because of determined Weed Warriors who work in the park to eliminate invasive plants and improve the habitat for native wildflowers and grasses.


  1. Thanks for this info, I love knowing the dirt. :)


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