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Monday, October 17, 2011

Trick or Treaters Come Early This Year (Green Humor)

To get the Whole Picture

I'm a big fan of the biodegradable approach to Halloween decorating. I've already put out several pumpkins, big and small in the garden. I've tried growing them myself, but I don't have the light, heat, soil or something* to get them going. The little kids who walk past with their parents, by the way, don't realize that they aren't growing out there. They have been happily checking out my pumpkin garden for the last couple of weeks.

Funny though, the mini pumpkins started disappearing. Were they just walkin' off?

Turns out they weren't. Somebody's been getting their trick or treating in early this year. 

Whatever's leftover after the kids and the raccoons move on, I'll dig the reminder down into my adobe soil. It'll help out with the salvia blooms next spring.
. . .
* Tired of adding compost, redwood soil amendment, and gypsum to my adobe soil, I finally decided to figure out what likes to grow there. Salvia, is one good answer.


  1. Cool Picture!!! I really like it. OH, I decided that NO WONDER I LIKE ADOBE...SOIL....since I play with it every day....and also, I grew up in an adobe house. Really. :)

  2. And what could be more biodegradable?

    Your Buddy, The Simple Romantic


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