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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Measure of Inconvenience (Union Protest)

Bet  it's inconvenient for this
gentleman to go without work,
 due to the strike
But reduced wages and benefits,
are even more inconvenient
I'll be boycotting Northern CA Safeway stores until the USW dispute is settled. There's a lot of grief in the world. This is grief that touches me, because I've been shopping at this grocery store for the 45 years I've lived in CA. I don't want the dollars we spend on groceries supporting management that doesn't care about the living standards of the people who clean the aisles and restrooms, and take out the garbage.

It certainly will be inconvenient for me to walk another half mile down the street to avoid shopping at Safeway while I wait for the United Service Workers to settle their differences with Northern CA Safeway stores.

It will be inconvenient if I can't find the brand of salad dressing I like, or have to take extra time to run my errands. It would certainly be easier just to duck in and take advantage of the specials.

I'm guessing it's a little more inconvenient for these folks to stop work. What's it about? The newswire says...

"The janitors were motivated by their frustration with says, 
contractors' unfair intimidation of workers, including illegal threats of
termination, and proposals to sharply reduce standards for wages and benefits.

"I walked out because Safeway's janitorial contractors are not working with us
to negotiate a contract which will remedy unsafe and unhealthy conditions in
the stores, and help us support and build a life for our families," said
Leodegario Acevedo, a janitor in Santa Rosa.
I am standing up for my

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