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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Romancing England: Fields and Flowers, Gilsland

Keep only bees that love you,
And feed them with flowers you mind yourselves.
For bees mind flowers beloved by ladyes,
with blossoms fresh, orange and new.

As for sharing the bounty?
Well, think ye of gentlefolk most deserving,
And never mind those of ranke inferior to yer own.
Best they learn not the taste of the sweeting
'Lest they yearn for more than WE should wishe to grante them.

Pithy Sayings of Lady Margaret Hoby
as quoted in Sewing Chronicles of Lady Lizbeth, The Secret Diary of a Time Traveling Maide

My work is inspired by people like my fellow-Photoshop-lover Judy Gosnell as well as the Romantic stylings of Jane Austen. My art-journaling has been inspired by a movement that's borne of both modern digital and old-time analog techniques. Inspired by recent travels in England, I ran across another inspirational art-journaler, Rachel Whetzel, who makes her home and art in the U.K.

This farmyard scene from Rachel's site is reminiscent of the countryside rights-of-way we were hiking only a few weeks back. IS that a darling little goat, or what?


  1. Oh the orange, the orange!! Poppies I think...heavenly fields! Aye, rank inferior, such a revealing line

  2. The above quote is Ladye Margaret when she's feeling MELLOW. You should hear her when she REALLY gets going. Liz


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