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Friday, June 3, 2011

Rather Make My Own

More to come

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  1. Hi there, thanks for joining in on the "on my mind" series, what you do is easy:
    *Post a photo of something that is on your mind...on you own blog,
    *Under your photo; give a description of the photo and why it is on your mind.....
    *then go back to my blog and in the comments for my "On my mind" leave a quick comment about my photo, and a link back to yours....

    it gives the readers more opportunities to see more wonderful order to see what is on your mind from my blog.....the reader has to visit your blog.
    Good try....and just call your post (each time)
    On my mind...
    Eventually you will gather up a whole collection of them on your blog....but also be given the opportunity to visit other wonderfully exciting blogs too.
    If you have any other questions..feel free to ask on my blog.


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