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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Part 5: Listen In- The Sewing Chronicles of Lady Lizbeth:The Secret Diary of a Time Traveling Maid – Podcast, Part 1

Time to listen in on the latest Unpolished Performances podcast!
The Sewing Chronicles of Lady Lizbeth:The Secret Diary of a Time Traveling Maide (Part 1)

Download this audio show directly from the iTunes store with this link (or search the iTunes store using the term 'unpolished performances') 
You can also listen to this show from your computer by following this link
* * *
Show Scoop: Our American blogger, Liz, is looking forward to a summer in London, sewing, sightseeing, practicing Bartok on the piano, and developing some great new historical and modern fashion content for her sewing blog.

It’s always a challenge keeping your online journal going when you’re on a trip, but Liz hadn’t counted on that trip extending back to the England of Queen Elzabeth the First.

Does anybody know if there’s a widget for blogging access that remote?

THERE HAVE been regular hints about, and excerpts from, this story in The Simple Romantic’s Art Journal for a few months now. I’m particularly partial to the “pithy sayings” that Lady Margaret Hoby, Lady LIzbeth’s mentor in past times, has been dropping like little time travel pearls amongst my illustrations.
The Podcast includes the full introduction to this story. As this serial short continues to emerge from the pages of The Simple Romantic An Art Journal, you can continue to follow it’s development (and that’s even easier if you signup for a free/no spam email subscription – look up in the upper right hand corner of the blog)
Though portions of the story are available in the online journal, the entire introduction is only available as part of this audio podcast, which also include some of my own background music performances. 

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