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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trail to Windy Hill: Spring

Click on the illustration above for a fuller view
of Spring on the Windy Hill Trail

Wild Iris and Columbine make up for a faint brush with invasive stinging nettles and one minor tumble-down-the-trail. Nothing broken, nothing sprained - but most important HOW IS THE CAMERA???!!!

As to stinging nettles, in the past we didn't to have them in the area. Can't actually figure out what they're good for, though this site shows how  to cook them, but I'm not taking a chance on picking the wrong thing. Also I don't think it's legal to collect plants in the mid-penninsula regional open space, even plants that those in charge of the Open Space are working to pull out.

I actually think those nettles are here to TAKE OVER JOBS FROM LOCAL PLANTS. Of course the word on the trail is our local plants don't apply for those jobs.

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