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Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring in my Driveway: Days of Bees and Wisteria

Please click on the illustration above 
to fully enjoy the bee bounty

The bees that patrol the wisteria in my driveway, are actually bumble bees. But those girls zip back and forth too quickly for my camera to catch. I wonder what bumble bees do with the pollen if they don't make honey. And do they help pollinate they way their apian buddies do? I'm sure there's an answer out on the web if I wanted to google all day. 

That sounds like a song doesn't it? 
Google in the mornnin'
Google in the evenin'
Google at suppertime.
Cuz of my bumble bee darlings I'm googlin' all the time.

The bees I included here (much-altered from the original) originate from an obliging honeybee I found in the park near my house.

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