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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soup's On: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Half Moon Bay California

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to fully enjoy the soupy details.

Soup's On!

People aren't actually allowed to collect algae or seaweed at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, in the northern outskirts of Half Moon Bay, California. On my recent tidepooling trip there, the vegetation reminded me of many a plate of japanese-restaurant food with my friend Kim. 

During these mid day work escapes, I  happily slurped down the, what always seemed to me to be, exotic miso soup. Kim, on the other hand looked at it with total disinterest. She grew up in Hawaii with her mama telling her to, "Eat your miso soup, it's good for you."

Kim's living back home, on the Big Island of Hawaii now. I visited her one day for lunch when I touristed nearby, three springs back. Homegrown macademia nuts, white pineapple and  home-smoked turkey.

Not a drop of miso soup.

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