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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Russia Bound: My Heart Beats Faster in Past Times (Full Story - Free Audio/Podcast Download)

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A Time Travel Short Story
copyright L.Shimer, 2011
Russia Bound: My Heart Beats Faster in Past Times

sprang from the pages of this art-journal

In Part 1: Trip Planning  Larisa found her old spiral notebook from Russian class  ..That notebook had a Peter Max design on the cover....Remember the poster of his we put up when we were freshmen, and what that gross boy down on the second floor wrote on it? 

Part 2-The Samovar's Story: 
Note To Self:Keep a low profile. Do not cheese the Empress off

Part 3-The Winter Palace: 
I put up one hand to the gaping bodice of my Worth-like costume, in almost a parody of feminine modesty, feeling suddenly breathless, and not only from the corset. It was as though an electric current had passed through me with the entrance of this man.

Part 4:  My Heart Beats Faster 
I returned the stare, for a little longer than normal. What could there possibly be in a pair of eyes and a deep bass voice to make me feel a sense of immediate connection to a man I knew nothing about. The cool air of the church hammered against my lungs.

Part 5: - A Spot of Tea in the Winter Palace I'd never before seen a table spread with as much food as that one in the Winter Palace. While the hard-working peasants were struggling to grow enough food to content themselves with black bread, and the cabbage soup known in Russia as 'shee', the imperial court of the Romanovs, were- well now I know where the expression, 'eating royally' comes from.

~ ~ ~
Did you begin to read this serial and wonder what happened next?
~ ~ ~
I've recorded the *complete story* as episode 5 of The Simple Romantic's podcasts, "Unpolished Performances", You can download it (it's free) at the iTunes store, by clicking on this link.

If you prefer, you can listen live on the web by clicking on this link.

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