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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In the March Calendar- Podcasting from this Journal: Unpolished Performances

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The Discussion 
Time To Fly 

For a better view of the discussion, click on the picture below

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Podcasting: Unpolished Performances
An Extension of The Simple Romantic

I've been publishing my monthly podcast, Unpolished Performances, since November. The podcast show is an extension of this art journal. Each month I focus on one theme that has come up here, and take it a little farther. Episode 4 for example expands on the piece I wrote about Jane Austen as the quintessential romantic. (Did you miss that? It was , Hey Even Jane Austen needed to perform!)

The first three months previewed on youtube. Episodes 1 - 4 of the the podcast are now up on the iTunes store. Click on this link to  download the show from the iTunes store or just search on the phrase 'unpolished performances' if you already have iTunes up.

Go ahead and click on this screen from the iTunes store 
for a little more detail about recent episodes

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