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Monday, January 31, 2011

What am I seeing here? - Nevada, Mining History

Photo: D.A.John
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What am I seeing here? 
Nevada, Mining History

This is one of the areas that Mark Twain refers to in Roughing It, the vicinity were he and his comrades put off filing their claim just a tad too long to become millionaires. 

Bodie Hills, Nevada: Altered andocite with a vein of iron-stained quartz running through it. 

Prospectus Vein-- Aurora mining district--discovered in 1859?

This particular vein, just on the edge of the town site, was an early vein found here. The Old Esmerelda vein was the one that caused people to start mining gold and silver here.  

Mining Activity: 

Two Major Periods, with sporadic mining attempts between
1860 - 1870's - underground

Renewed mining mid 1980's, 1990's  - Open pit

Last mined around 2,000.

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