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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Baylands Bouquet

California buckwheat,

Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosum

Please click on the picture above to immerse yourself in the detail of this lovely buckwheat bouquet

What's so great about the

  • I never saw anything like it before I moved to the Bay Area in 1978. Open, flat views of water, mud, birds and pickleweed gave me a new vision of what romantic meant.
  • Though we often drive out to walk the trails, it’s possible to get there on my around-town cruiser bike.
  • Birds have priority over people, or as it says on their web site A substantial resident population of birds as well as being a major migratory stopover on the Pacific Flyway”
I've seen Marsh Hawks, Great and common Egrets and Great Blue Herons many times. And I'm not even a birder out looking for them. Of course there are tons of common shore birds: seagulls, ducks, godwits, willets, curlews, coots and sandpipers.
  • Sometimes I get out there and there’s nobody on the expanse of trail but me, but I feel safe because it’s so wide open and people can see me from a distance. So I can sing REALLY LOUDLY

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