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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time Out for Time Travel - Unpolished Performances Episode 2

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Part 1: Time Out for Time Travel The Simple Romantic interviews Captain BidingMyTime, senior staff member for The well known Time Travel service, “Period Pilots”.

Captain BMTime "My parents got along pretty well with everybody ‘round there, cuz my mama was one of the N`dee, you’ve probably heard them referred to as the Apache. My daddy was a retired cavalry officer who came west after the war

S.Rom. So your mother was a Chiricahua? Did you spend much time with her family?

Captain BMTime You see hon, that’s how I got involved in the business at such a young age. About 16 I was when I went to help out one of my aunties one summer. She was my mother’s oldest sister. I was always a little bit of rebel at home, you know capable girls with ideas of their own, weren’t real popular in white settlements in those times. But strong-minded women were nothing new to th T’Inde. And that’s when I started off on my career.

S.Rom. So you learned about time travel with the Apache – I mean the N’dee?" .... Click here to listen to the remainder of this Podcast Preview on Youtube

Part 2: Time Out for Time Travel The Simple Romantic reads recent short, light pieces from her art journal. Click here to listen to Time Portal Identification Made Easy, A Milk Can Remembers, The Dasher or Playing at Past Times, the Assemblage – Dawning of the Music

My first podcasts are not out as 'casts, yet. Instead, as I build my podcasting skills, I'm doing the first couple of months as youtube audio- slideshows. Please click to see and listen. And let me know what you think. I’d love to find your comments here, or out at youtube.

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