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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quiz we've All Been Waiting for: My load is easy and my burthen is light

Go ahead and click on the picture above for more beautiful organ detail

After three* Messiah Sing Alongs AND watching the San Francisco Symphony REHEARSAL of the Messiah , I've now thoroughly reviewed this work and am ready for the quiz. Go ahead you dottahs of Zion.... Shoooouuutttt!

Quiz Answers

- King George V, No it was the III'rd that went mad

- 24 days

- Choruses

- Nobody cared in the old days if you pre-pended 'the' it's only modern showoffs who feel obligated to make a fuss

- It varied

- In the Spring

- Oratorio

- 1741

- Squire Charles Jennens

- Kettledrums and a pair of trumpets

Oh sure you know the questions. Because you sat next to that know-it-all whose goes to every Sing-Along-Messiah in the city and memorized Peter Jacobi’s The Messiah book : The life & times of G.F. Handel's greatest hit

Now if I could just add in the Hallellujah at the Food Court next year.... I would love to participate in this in 2011 :-)

* Symphony Silicon Valley

* Stanford University

* Schola Cantorum, Mountain View

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